Brand Definition - Henan mine crane co., LTD



Logo meaning: vertical double square edges and corners, standard design for the outer edges of each side, is even, the quadrilateral with odd per side.

According to the ancients "nature round place". Heaven and earth, Yin and Yang even odd phase, four to four dimensions according to the total deposit. The main square founder personhood, and made the enterprise, and dry. Square and other graphics, combine products and also the characteristics of the material. Hook the central mark, in enterprises and products, and is located in the central plains; Hook for LiTi "mountain" word, hook handle as the first letter of a word "source" pinyin Y, with the upper part of the trademark "source" of the source of mining enterprises and brand products, and with a green earth connection, is not only the channel, and as a blood tube, said close relations with social enterprises and products, and embody the company insist on the principle of enthusiasm services and actively contributing to society with more negative.

Marked the long blue frame, shaped like a crane beam body, operating at high altitude as the sky blue, "source" on the whole put together the letters of the word. Formed in the square a few triangles and the diamond, said business organizations, luck, the product quality and so on various aspects of strong, long, coordination and stability. Color with red, green, blue, white, and brown five, colorful, and flourish. Source "for the red on white background, meaning, simple and happy, also like the sun sky, combine the people-oriented corporate culture, holds enterprise. Green to the earth, the human society, is the subject of the logo color, said both enterprise and social relations, and highlights the environmental protection consciousness. For the blue sky, white for the sun light or white clouds. The essence of brown for the iron and steel products.

One logo design concept is based on earth, and highlight the humanities humanistic principle, the meaning of brand awareness and geometry, and thus, and selfless dedication, realistic and the ideal revenge rub up highly. The overall structure neat is reasonable. Clear, compact and harmonious, feel comfortable, symbol bo big image, meaning the vast deep.