After-sales service1

          Henan mine crane co., LTD., by phone, E-mail, mail and other ways to provide including product, sales, maintenance, maintenance aspects such as advisory services, to accept the customer's service requests, complaints and complaints, take advice demand etc.Customer care on the basis of calls and text messages and various services to remind, processing for the customer to solve the problem.At the same time, will take the initiative to understand the demand of products, services and advice to clients, and continuously improve products, services, and provide the customers with the housekeeper type service, with all my heart.You are welcome to contact us, your attention is the power of us to go on.
Sales and service hotline
East China: 0373-8735-123, 8735-598
Central and southern China, north China: 0373-8735-698, 8735-999
Northwest, southwest, southeast and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions: 0373-8735-555, 8735-777
Sales center