2016 /01,Secretary of the party committee Cui Peijun was elected as the “Top ten economic annual figures in Henan province” in 2015
2015/10,Began the construction of the European double-girder assembly line workshop (Project 513) with an area of 25000 square meters in the north factory
2015/09,Began the construction of the hoist portal crane assembly line workshop (Project 198) .
2015/08,The wheel rolling composite technologyintelligent assembly line has been put into production
2015/02,Signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Demage, the two parties will collaborate on the R&D and production of new-type crane
2015/01,Began the construction of the six-linkworkshop with an area of 25000 square meters, put into use in Juneofficially
2014/11,Loaded and shipped the firstbatchof large tonnagecranes manufacturedfor Baogang Group
2014/10,Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Lifting Transportation Machinery Design Institute and built and ran the single-girder crane flexible product line the by the guidance of German experts
2014/05/03,Began the instruction of the double-girder eight-link workshop with an area of 27400 square meters and a total investment of more than 50 million RMB It can satisfy large tonnage crane manufacturing with the steel pretreatment, baiting
2014/03,The bridge standard workshop that cooperated with Beijing Lifting Transportation Machinery Design Institute put into mass production
2013/06,Completed the construction of constant temperature workshop and put into trial production The workshop covers an area of 12000 square meters and purchased Korean Doushan processing center and Doushan CMJ vertical processing center and Jinshi
2013/01,Put into use of the New Culture Square and multi-functional hall officially
2012/06,Built its own ecological agriculture garden with an area of 200 acres and with the efficient agriculture as the guide Our first mission is to meet the need of poultry, meat and vegetables supply of our company in our daily life
2012/02,Purchased Henan Shengyuan Crane Machinery Co , LTD and set a model for the integration of crane industry of Changyuan county
2011/10,Received the “Quality prize of the mayor of Xinxiang City”
2011/09/22,Established Changyuan Xianzhong and Car Renting Co , LTD
2010/05,Invested 38 million RMB to establish the T1 workshop, introduce U-shaped groove molding product line, cover plate molding product line and Slitting & rewinding assembly line which means that the single-girder molding product line officially pu
2010/05,Purchased Tianqi Company and set up Tepu Luqiao Crane Company Improved the production workshop and equipment and recruited four new teams to alleviate the production pressure
2009/08/01,Begin the construction of the V method casting product line of the casting workshop, completed in March 2010 and put into operation in July 2010 It extends the industrial chain and increases the benefits with the daily consumption of mo
2009/03 ,Begin the construction of the stage five project The newly-built workshop area is more than 20000 square meters and introduced high-precise numerically-controlled machine tool and more than 40 sets various large equipment with a total invest