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Henan mining twelfth donations to the successful convening of the general assemb

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       In August 26, 2015, the twelfth session of the Henan mine to donate the successful convening of the general assembly. Union County chairman Xia Zhizhong, deputy director of the county people's Congress Zhang Jizhong, county CPPCC Vice Chairman Tao Zhongmin, Wei Zhuang Zhen Street office secretary Li Lianhe, the company chairman Cui Peijun, leadership and supported by the students and their parents more than 100 people attended the meeting.\

     Since 2004 the company set up a foundation for poor college students, has gone through twelve years of history. Twelve years company has always been strong willed, regardless of the price hike in raw materials, or product sales market is fatigued and weak, whether it is production situation is good or the company's cash flow problems, the activities we always adhere to the host.


     Since the establishment of the company, it has always put the dedication of society as its own duty and obligation. Our contributions, but we hope that maybe just an utterly inadequate measure, with modest to poor students spirit. We also hope that through this activity, can play a valuable role, the whole society the importance of knowledge, the importance of education, caring for people's growth.
Henan mine always adhere to the "to the" people-oriented "talent strategy", the investment in education and training as the most valuable, continuously improve the quality of personnel, we firmly believe that: talent is not only a wealth of enterprises, but also the social wealth.\
     Conference on Union County chairman Xia Zhizhong, company chairman Cui Peijun sincerely encouraged by funding students cherish the hard won learning opportunities, do a good student often grateful, you should be thankful for the party, of the National Thanksgiving, on Thanksgiving society of school, the teacher, the parents, the surrounding each individual gratitude. Only in this way can we be humble to the people, to do things carefully, to study hard, to work hard in the future. Encountered difficulties, to be determined to overcome, in the face of temptation, in order to resist the strong will. To ascertain the "integrated learning to Po Chu, action and to rich" philosophy, to develop "the first cantilever, cone Cigu" the spirit of hard, study hard, remember more book knowledge, the courage to practice, master the practical skills. Truly become a qualified university graduates, a country needs, the people welcome the students.
[Changyuan County union president Xia Zhizhong speech]\
Cui Peijun, chairman of the board of directors\
Part of the funding for the students on behalf of the students on behalf of the funding\
[subject to the elegant statement]\
On behalf of the funded students and their leaders took a group photo.\[grant funding to the scene]\
The parents of the subsidized students' parents are interviewed by the Henan television station.