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Henan mine Crane Co., Ltd. and taxi Fourth "love to help test"

publisher:矿山起重Release time:【2015-12-11 17:32:20】

      In order to promote social civilization, to facilitate the college entrance students travel, since the establishment of the company, the company's annual organization of love to send test charity activities. 2015 college entrance examination is about to begin, and during the college entrance examination is traffic congestion when every year may have some candidates because of the inconvenience of traffic, delay the university entrance exam, exert influence on the college entrance examination, in order to help the majority of candidates' safety, fast, punctual arrive at the examination room, on the morning of June 5, 2015, all the drivers all the taxi company in billion long Plaza, a collection of, officially launched the fourth session of love to help test "public welfare activities, with practical action for the candidates to provide assistance within its capacity.\

     Changyuan County Road Transport Administration Bureau of transportation management, director of Dong Zhan Feng delivered a speech, he pointed out that the public and taxi companies, this kind of love to help test activities is very timely, is also very necessary, because this is to carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng, for construction of well-off Changyuan harmonious Changyuan contribution is specific reflect. Every year we have a large number of college entrance examination students through the entrance, into the country around the university. To let the county to participate in college entrance examination of the majority of candidates to more convenient, fast and safely in the first time to enter the examination room, to test the good result, winning glory for the Changyuan glory. From 2012 the public and the taxi company spontaneously organized by the college entrance examination of the love of students, parents and the community wide acclaim for the construction of civilization Changyuan, love Changyuan has made a positive contribution.
Finally he hoped that in the under the guidance of the public and the taxi company's love, the social from all walks of life generous help and support and active participation of the broad masses of people in love, the love of our county to send test events will do better and better, and will this love forever handed down.\
     Deputy general manager of the ceremony group, Zhang Ruzhi read the program of activities, and emphasizes the help test during the event notice, the taxi driver Su Yaomin on behalf of the driver: to ensure the efficient and safe pledge enthusiasm on time, students will be sent to the examination room, candidates are awesome, dedication to society, passing friendship, spread civilization for Henan mine, credit for the people of Changyuan!  

    Finally, the public and the taxi driver also conducted a "love to help test" signature