Henan mine crane co., LTDIs a joint-stock industrial enterprises, mainly engaged in "source" brand electric hoist, single, double beam, bridge, gantry crane and so on five big series 80 varieties of crane manufacture, marketing.The company covers an area of 680000 square meters, staff 2700 people, with annual sales of 2.3 billion yuan...[details]


Pay close attention to market dynamics, vigorously promotes the product quality, the first-class in the world. Source tree one hundred years to create first-class enterprise. With lofty ideals, and armed with modern management concept, win market with honesty and trustworthiness, in the forefront...[details]


Henan mining twelfth donations to the successful convening of the general assemb

Henan mine always adhere "to the " people-oriented "talent strategy ", the investment in education and training as the most valuable, continuously improve the quality of personnel, we firmly believe that: talent is not only a wealth of enterprises[details]

Henan mine forging and rolling wheels of the successful completion of the projec

On August 28, with the first batch of forging and rolling composite technology manufacturing line of crane wheel, Henan mine and a major tec...[details]

Henan mine Crane Co., Ltd. and taxi Fourth "love to help test"

Changyuan County Road Transport Administration Bureau of transportation management, director of Dong Zhan Feng delivered a speech, he pointed ou...[details]