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National lifting machinery standards and permit work seminar held in Changyuan C

publisher:Release time:【2015-12-12 14:04:09】

        In June 25th, the national lifting machinery standards and licensing work seminar held in my county. Beijing Shun Ting Wang, director of the heavy transport machinery quality supervision, inspection and testing center, assistant dean of heavy transport machinery design and Research Institute, the national, the Standing Committee of the county Party committee, industrial agglomeration district Party committee deputy secretary, executive deputy director of the Xia Zhizhong attended the seminar.
      The seminar focused on the crane machinery manufacturing license renewal and increasing attention to the matter "," national Crane Machinery Standardization Technical Committee of deepening the reform scheme of standardized work "," hoisting machinery safety regulation part 5: overhead and gantry cranes "mechanical part, electrical part of the main technical content publicity to explain.
                                                                                                                        Source: China Hoisting Machinery Net