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Changyuan crane industry into the dilemma of the government's strong salvation

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       July 13, the day of Henan Kerui Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Creighton) 100% acquisition of Henan Hualong Tube Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Hualong tube industry). The two sides reached an agreement to implement the acquisition from the contact negotiations, only for two months time.
The acquisition is not so fast, but the two sides will strongly, behind the Changyuan county government matchmaking guide also plays a role. Kratos acquisition Hualong tube industry, local government is seen as following the 2009 crane industry restructuring initiatives Kai event in the reorganization of the logo.
In the acquisition of the signing ceremony, the local government also released the crane industry restructuring incentive policies, the intensity of the big, significantly as the half of the local economic restructuring of crane industry urgent.
Survey, Changyuan crane industry reproduction orders atrophy, enterprise production dilemma, which is macro economic downturn led to the results, however, cannot be completely with macro economic downturn to cover the growing risks that exist within the industry.\
        In fact, when the local government once again resorted to recombinant flag when, you have to think about whether this approach must be of an inevitable move to industry upgrading and technology innovation. Because of the low end of the product, homogenization of serious, low value-added problems, can not just use the restructuring approach to solve.
Kerrii's acquisition of Hualong tube industry
Due to funding strand breaks, unable to repay private lending, became the last straw Hualong tube industry "".
For her, in July 13th, is a happy day.
This day, Krickitt acquisition Hualong tube industry ceremony held at the training center of Creighton, local government and functional departments responsible for people and province, city, county financial institutions and Krickitt vendors will respond and support.
A celebration of the acquisition of a behavior, for the acquisition of Fang Kerui, it is worth the joy of. Kerrii borrowed Hualong tube industry into a new industry field, and planning a clear path for its growth.
According to reports, Changyuan county is engaged in crane tower crane production enterprises. The business across the machinery and equipment manufacturing, bio energy, mine exploitation, electronic equipment, financial services, project consulting and other areas, owns more than 10 subsidiaries under the group's, in the domestic field of tower crane, the growth rate and scale ranks the forefront of the industry.
However, for the acquirer Hualong tube industry, it is not necessarily something to celebrate.
However, Hualong tube industry should also be glad to have finally discontinued from the resurrection, although the owner is no longer the original owner.
It is understood that the Hualong tube industry Changyuan county is a well-known enterprises, mainly the production of seamless steel pipe, annual production capacity of 150 thousand tons. "(Hualong tube industry) in the field of production of seamless steel tube is one of the outstanding enterprises in Henan." Just this time, its reputation is not able to save it. People familiar with the matter, Hualong tube industry production, because of funding strand breaks, private lending to their inability to return to become overwhelmed Hualong tube industry "last straw".
The factors resulting in Hualong tube industry capital chain rupture, poor product sales incentives. The informed sources, the production of ordinary seamless steel tubes mainly used in civilian areas, and this field is highly competitive, low added value. "After the acquisition of Kratos, will produce used in the field of petroleum, natural gas, coal and other high value-added products, this is Leary about Hualong tube industry one of the reasons." Relevant person introduction.
        The crane will use 4S to store the network layout of the open market channels.
At the opening ceremony, Kerry also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with North China Petroleum Materials corporation. It is understood that the North China Petroleum Materials Corporation is her first sales partner to open the new product market signed.
For the Creighton acquisition Hualong tube industry strategic significance, Leary, general manager of Shang Peiyi said: "Leary of Hualong tube industry mergers and acquisitions, not only for the Leary established strategic planning and widen the road, further realize the Corey cross industry business strategic intent, but also break out of an encirclement installed manufacturing industry excessive competition pattern, Kratos to do strong, then expand and strategic layout to lay a solid foundation."
Break the crane over competition is not only the intention of Kerry's strategy, also is the local government's strategic intent. This is also the local government believes that the acquisition is worthy of celebration of internal.
Because the pushing crane within the industry, between the upstream and downstream of the restructuring, it is local government after years of economic development strategy is one of the topics.
Changyuan crane industry reoccurrence predicament
Affected by the macroeconomic downturn, a large number of orders shrinking, and increased competition, the industry average profit rate is too low, but also to the Changyuan crane industry has been suffering. Compared to this time last year, my orders less than half, the factory can only open the stop." In July 13th, a crane company boss complained to reporters in Changyuan county.
4 kilometers away from the county town, is known as the Changyuan Crane Industrial Park, where a crane to gather more than 300 enterprises. However, here in the past the roar of the machine operations, and now a little quiet.
"At least a part of the factory stopped. As far as I know, some of the boss's orders are reduced, and even three or four months have not received an order. Don't stop, labor costs also can't stand." The boss said, "the factory has stopped, and workers have been out to work."
Orders in the doldrums, is a large crane companies can not escape. Xinxiang Central Plains Crane Company, a sales staff said: "a large number of orders, this is a common phenomenon in the crane industry."
Orders less, and even no orders, so that the Changyuan crane industry hidden internal problems began to expose, the most obvious is the outbreak of private lending problems. According to informed sources, between the crane company in Changyuan, and even between the crane company and non crane company mutual security phenomenon is common.
"Hualong tube industry production, until being acquired destiny is Changyuan County folk borrowing outbreak of the most extreme examples, in fact, capital chain rupture of the crane enterprise is not in the minority." These people say.
For the market downturn, Xinxiang mining (Group) Crane Co., Ltd., a person said: this time, than the impact of the financial crisis in 2008 will be greater, but also deep."
From an interview with a number of people analysis, Changyuan crane industry suffered a difficult situation, the main reason for the macroeconomic downturn. However, the government's approach to resolving the crisis in the industry is not the same as the financial crisis of 2008.
In the eyes of the people, during the financial crisis, government struggling to rescue, a lot of enterprises got financial units, the amount of financing, for enterprises to survive into the blood, but also for the 2010 Changyuan crane industry rapid recovery provided the impetus. This time, enterprises in the financial unit is difficult to loan to.
"Lack of financial support, coupled with the Changyuan crane are mostly sold in the coastal port cities, export-oriented enterprises the necessary equipment, and sluggish SISU international, domestic exports blocked, our door, bridge cranes enterprises to use less."
“     In fact, due to reduced orders, increased competition between the crane company in Changyuan, the industry average profit margins are too low, but also one of the causes of the Changyuan crane industry suffering". The above person said. Let Changyuan crane and beset with troubles internally and externally, once suffered a heavy blow. Crisis driven restructuring, and once again became the 2008 after the financial crisis to save the crane industry weapon, to this end, Changyuan has introduced a more powerful incentive policies. Once again at the time of the government's redemption.
Changyuan 130 crane production enterprises, enterprises supporting the production of more than 1200 of the industrial scale, occupy more than 65% of the national market share of small tonnage cranes, occupy half of the county economy of the pillar position, at this time, the whole industry dangerous situations, so that the government can not be abdicated.
In attended Creighton acquisition Hualong tube industry ceremonies on, local government leaders frankly pointed out, "at present, our county economy is facing the critical moment of the industrial upgrading and restructuring of enterprises, this work can not smoothly, not only in relation to the government for the effectiveness of government, but also relates to the social from all walks of life and the vital interests of each and every family." The situation is grim, words of sincere enough, save it.
Restructuring has become a weapon to save the crane industry once again after the financial crisis of 2008. This time, her acquisition of Hualong tube industry, the local government is regarded as a landmark event in the resumption of the reorganization of the.
In early 2009, Changyuan county has put forward an ambitious to through 3 years of time, local more than 130 crane enterprise integration for 8 to 10, and formulated the "Changyuan County heavy equipment manufacturing strategy implementation of the restructuring plan" and "Changyuan County People's Government on the revitalization of the heavy equipment manufacturing industry views" and other policy documents, and strive to promote the county's re machine industry intensive, group development.
That year, Henan mine Crane Co., Ltd. annexed two counterparts, Henan Weihua Group acquired three companies, Xinxiang Mining (Group) Crane Co., Ltd. and 16 local enterprises marriage and marriage, can see the local government "visible hand" in force.
Two years later, Changyuan has more incentive to restructure incentives surfaced.
It is understood that Changyuan set up to promote the strategic restructuring of the joint office, the county leaders personally. Preferential tax policy supporting the introduction of relevant supporting restructuring particularly awesome. For example, after the reorganization of the enterprise, by 2011 at the end of the two sides of the enterprise income tax as the base, 3 years, an annual increase of the income tax (part of the local retained) by the amount of 100% returned to the enterprise, corporate mergers and land use tax within 3 years according to the proportion of 100%, 80%, 50% returned to the enterprise; to recommend the government focuses on the reorganisation of the business policy more favorable, merged enterprise 5 years land use tax return of 100%, corporate mergers within 3 years of land use tax from 50% return. At the same time, the enterprise implementation of technological innovation, science and technology innovation, quality and excellence, and two hundred personnel introduction, the incentive to develop policy, strength is very big, the amount of reward in about 20 million yuan. 
Restructuring: the best way out?
      Simply restructuring, and can not make 1 + 1 > 2, take the road of industrial upgrading, product upgrading, Changyuan crane industry is the key to a strong.
It should be recognized that in the industry trough, is to promote corporate restructuring an important node, the first is a significant reduction in business valuation, the two is the willingness of small business owners to drop significantly, the two have become a reasonable reason for restructuring.
And the reorganization is also the consensus of local governments.
Because restructuring can change "small and whole, casual and chaos", "one industry alone industrial state, eliminate enterprise between homogeneous product competition, backbone enterprises to play a leading role, can lead to the small and medium-sized enterprises and the coordination, enhance the operational efficiency of the implementation.
However, the reorganization can solve the issue is enterprises from small to large scale problems. In fact, 1 + 1 = 2 scale brought about the operational efficiency of enterprises may not have flexible and turned a small business.
"Because of Changyuan most crane enterprise, design drawings, production process, management, sales model, service concept, competition strategy, factory capacity factory appearance, advertising is the same, even the name of the enterprise are similar." Counterfeiting has become the biggest obstacle to the development of the industry, and even killer. A company to produce a new product, if the market is good, a large number of similar enterprises will flock, shopping cost until the profit squeeze.
Serious homogenization, vicious competition, low-end products, low value-added issues is not a "restructuring" to solve the problem, perhaps this is the result of the government since 2009 to start restructuring is not a huge cause.
Of course, to promote the restructuring of the company is difficult to control the game.
In 2010, with the improvement of macroeconomic, Changyuan crane industry between internal reorganization aground, its immanent cause is crane boss heart "Ning when beheaded Pteris inappropriate, afraid of abdication, fear of losing power, fear of others holding" the mentality of mischief.
In fact, there are industry experts are not optimistic about Changyuan crane industry internal restructuring, because of the different enterprise kneading together, pure scale merger, may not be able to achieve optimal effect. Big business big group needs to grow in nature, rather than a simple merger and reorganization.
Industrial upgrading, product upgrading of the road, is the key to Changyuan crane industry.
In fact, the local government also see this, put forward the idea of industrial upgrading, restructuring, technological upgrading of enterprises pay more attention to, let a group of leading enterprises in the rapid realization of product differentiation, tight encirclement. Such as Kratos is realized from the portal, traditional bridge type crane across to the transformation of the tower crane industry, and through the development of technology, quickly realized the high-speed growth, get rid of the situation in the low-end market competition.
Kerrii growth model, it is worth the local government thinking.
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