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"Sky Crane" help curiosity landed on Mars

publisher:Release time:【2015-12-12 14:38:56】

    According to foreign media reports, next Monday (August 6), named by the Chinese American girl Ma Tianqi curiosity (curiosity) rover will land on the Martian surface, but very challenging, larger size, rate in 6000 meters per second, the curiosity but landed in only the past landing point five of gale crater Galecrater, experts in the believe that if curiosity successful landing, it is necessary to experience the thrilling first 7 minutes. 
           In order to minimize the impact of the curiosity landing, the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will use the sky crane (theskycranemaneuver) system to control the curiosity of the entry, descent and landing. In the curiosity landing on Mars, the most thrilling a Mo too enter drop landing process, the abbreviation for EDL, refers to is spacecraft to 5.9 kilometers per second, the speed of the impact the top of the atmosphere of Mars, began landing process. The EDL process lasted just 7 minutes, with the Mars rover safely landed on the surface of Mars as the end mark. At present, the world is very concerned about the "Sky Crane", because it is a bold and dangerous idea and design. Even NASA will be the curiosity of the landing called the terror of 7 minutes".
Data show that, from the overall point of view, the success rate of Mars landing only 4. At any time, the introduction of more technology by space scientists will be accompanied by the risk of failure, so why so much NASA the next bet? The answer is to achieve the purpose of scientific research. Each task faces the same dilemma: the surface of Mars is hard to land. Gale crater is 154 kilometers wide, which has a height of 5000 meters, about three miles from the Xia Pushan, in order to be able to accurately interpret the sharp mountain, curiosity will be landing in Mount sharp gale crater edge between. And "Sky Crane" will be useful here. In the past, even have not yet tried to make such a landing. And landed in 2004 Mars exploration rover Opportunity (opportunity), courage, spirit compared, curiosity heavy 5 times and 2 times, but landed in than in the past five of potholes, added to the difficulty of the landing.
It is understood that the curiosity Rover weight reached a ton, worth $2 billion 500 million, launched in late 2011 November. Its main mission is to explore the Gail crater, looking for direct evidence that Mars once supported the presence of microbes. Curiosity will be on the SHARP mountains of the deposition layer for field detection, which hides the red planet in the past one billion years or even longer to record the environmental conditions. If the curiosity of the successful landing, then it will work on Mars 1 years of Mars (about 2 Earth years), which will be of great help to human exploration of mars.

                                                                                                                                                               Source: Sohu Science