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Iron and steel industry, the two threshold: excess capacity and homogeneous comp

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        By the Henan Provincial Department of industry and information technology, the Federation of industry and Commerce of Henan Province, Anyang iron and Steel Group, China Steel Network hosted the Sixth China Iron and steel trade summit held in October 26th in Zhengzhou successfully held. Mr. Wang Wei, Zhengzhou special steel plant in the general assembly for everyone about how to eliminate the iron and steel industry threshold: + homogeneous (amount) of excess capacity (volume) of the competition.
First of all iron and steel trade, trade links with some outstanding contradictions, in trade links with excess capacity including homogenization competition is two relatively prominent contradictions, even in the stage production of excess, even in some steel mills also face such a problem, resulting in we are faced with fierce competition, the rise in the exchange rate and so on a series of complex problems.
In the long run, the growth and economic competitiveness depend on innovation, including the formation of the two major contradictions in the current iron and steel trade industry and the problems in the process of social and economic development. We look around the world, including the development of the western countries have faced such a pain and transformation of the pain.
Minimally invasive new attempt
         Zheng special steel production and product optimization and Innovation: on the production line implementation of the simulation operation mechanism of legal person ", product structure to achieve optimization layout; of procurement, production, marketing and service each link implementation" tapping the benchmarking "culture management and technical backbone personnel, the implementation of technological innovation; to establish a standardized modern enterprise system, cultivating the core competitiveness of enterprises;
Zheng special steel marketing and service optimization and Innovation: the center of gravity of the deployment of "two years ago,", "two" and enhance the marketing strategy of "four capabilities". Compressed layers of management to streamline the management mechanism, adjust the sales mode to implement to customers as the center to sensory experiences intimate service, implementing flexible insured, hedging, introduction and innovation "t + 3" marketing policy; enhance the rapid reaction to the market, resource allocation, production organization and reduced the effect of 4 great ability to fully tap the benefits of collaborative marketing customer sample analysis. Do a good job market customers and terminal projects in many aspects of the construction of large channels, the system covers the surrounding core market.
Zhengzhou special steel factory to become the largest iron and steel enterprises in Zhengzhou area, we jointly set steel, cast steel, steel rolling as a whole. Has supported a number of major projects around the building, has been widely recognized by the market and end users. Next, still insist on the channel market and the end of the market both hands, to further increase the proportion of direct.
Change thinking
         Existing dominant market segments in the market concentration degree will gradually improve, a few enterprises with the power of capital M & A integration increased economies of scale; by means of differential innovation dissimilation and occupy new market segments and to build the core competitiveness for small and medium-sized enterprises. In the end, we still face some problems and some outstanding problems:
First, focus on the products, including customer orientation, for implicit demand, pay close attention to industrial concentration, depth of tapping the potential, pay close attention to industrial cluster, urban cluster, economic zone planning, increase market potential.
Second, pay attention to the capital market, moderate participation in futures and electronic disk, rapid participation, we know that the Internet, including electronic commerce for us now have a huge impact on the traditional industries. As the sponsor of this unit, we also strengthen the service of e-commerce enterprises.
Third, change management and service model, flexible sales strategy and core business products, for customers, looking for new economic growth point of interest, build service marketing, build sustainable management. By focusing on three aspects, we can concentration will gradually improve the perception of the existing market segments, a few enterprises remember capital strength consolidation through mergers and acquisitions, increase the scale effect, the small and medium we still with difference creativity and occupy new market segments, to build the core competitiveness of our.
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