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Changyuan: industrial agglomeration to prop up the development of a day

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More than 100 kilometers north of Zhengzhou, to the north of Pearl - Changyuan.
       Since the reform and opening up, diligent people Changyuan Beishuiyizhan, carve, simply use a a welding torch "China Heavy Machinery City", with a piece of cotton sign can be twisted "hygienic material production base in China", brush with a handle out of the "Chinese anti corrosion", with the wok cooking the "township of Chinese Chef", "Chinese food city", make one obscure profession into one characteristic industrial.
However, the process of the development of the industry in recent years in the "growing pains" accidentaly across. Lower end of the product control profit space, vicious competition affect the credibility of the brand,        excess capacity damage to industrial development, the traditional way of development is difficult to continue.
Industrial transformation and upgrading of the idea gradually clear, to build a new board of development is determined to become more firm. How to improve the institutional mechanisms to provide protection for the "early turn fast forward" initiative? Changyuan around the transformation and development of private enterprises and industrial upgrading in a calm thinking, but also in bold innovation.
All these, are calling for a timely emergence of capital, technology, talent and other elements of the gathering function of the industrial agglomeration area. So, Changyuan County, the county government put forward the development direction of enterprise concentration, industrial agglomeration, factor intensive, 5 kilometers south of the city to begin planning the heavy industrial agglomeration area. Under this background, the Changyuan County Industrial Agglomeration District arises at the historic moment.
Policy is the forerunner. Changyuan have been introduced in the transformation and upgrading of the industrial economy, supporting heavy equipment manufacturing enterprise restructuring and a series of policies and measures, efforts to revitalize industry resources, multi-level to build a docking platform, promote industrial layout to the coordinated concentration changes, the mode of production changes to green low carbon, Chan Yejian Kang development sounded the clarion call.
In recent years, Changyuan, a total investment of 170 million yuan, promote road, power, information, water supply, drainage, gas, sewage and garbage treatment and other eight infrastructure construction and construction of standard factory buildings, to achieve the "nine connections and one leveling" and landscaping, lighting, infrastructure construction of continuous improvement, agglomeration bearing capacity significantly improved.
At the same time, the county of industrial agglomeration in the implementation of efficient management, carry out the "industrial cluster service" and other activities, establish meeting, observation and appraisal work system and leading cadres at county level with industrial agglomeration system, through the way of work meetings, organized tour observation, timely grasp the planning and construction of industrial agglomeration area progress, coordinate and solve problems, effectively promote the industrial agglomeration area of each group learn from each other, since the pressure, speed up the construction; has introduced "speed up the industrial agglomeration area of scientific development views", "speed up the standardization of plant views", "project to foster the implementation of opinions" and a series of policy measures, the implementation of the major projects to promote the project mechanism, joint trial of the batch system, set up monitoring and evaluation of industrial agglomeration area prediction and early warning system, the formation of the group To be the first good situation.
Service is guaranteed. Cluster zone, set up a technology research and development center, the center of information industry, expert consultation, cooperation between banks and enterprises to recruit workers, and other top ten service platform. Using the existing industrial base, the market operation, the effective integration of a variety of service resources, technology, talent, information and other resources to share, to meet the common technology needs of enterprises and public service needs.
Also, the preparation of the hoisting machinery marketing personnel for the club, regulate industry, marketing, personnel, promotion and reward a number of technical precision, excellent service, honest and trustworthy marketing elite to combat illegal infringement of the interests of customers, the impact of regional brand.
At the same time, gathering area and get group together to build public development technology innovation service platform, to help enterprises to improve the level of CAI/CAE application, the concept of product design innovation, has laid a solid foundation for the enterprise product upgrading.
In recent years, the county carried out continuously "private enterprise management, quality, integrity," and "entrepreneurs" quality enhancement in activity, the implementation of modern enterprise management system, change the mode of production and operation and mode of operation. At present, the county 80% of the enterprise manager to obtain college education, of which 16 received a master's degree.
Talent is the key. In order to introduce the park enterprises lack of high-level professional personnel, Park Management Committee hired domestic heavy industry renowned experts, professors 25 composition agglomeration area Steering Committee of experts, encourage them through part-time, technology transfer, shares, contracting, cooperative research, training lectures, network consulting service agglomeration zone, and the outstanding contribution to the issuance of government subsidies, intellectual and technical support for gathering area.
Park matchmaking, successively and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Wuhan University of technology, Beijing Heavy Machinery Research Institute, Henan Machinery Design and Research Institute of more than 30 inside and outside the province well-known colleges and universities, scientific research institutions cooperation, establish national level product testing center, national vocational skills identification the, help enterprises to introduce high technology 26, develop new product 78.
Cited only talent recruitment, take the brain development has become the consensus and direction of the enterprises, they have the introduction of professional managers and high-level technical personnel, build poineering platform of all kinds of talents. Industry leader Wei Hua Group in their own R & D center set up a post doctoral research station, which is the first private enterprise in the industry post doctoral workstation. In addition to providing easy working, living environment and competitive salary treatment, Wei Hua group also set up R & D center in Shanghai, to recruit first-class talent at home and abroad to join. 
      Innovation is the soul. Changyuan to independent innovation as a leading industry in the future development of the core driving force, powerful leveraging corporate and industry transformation and upgrading, driven by the Changyuan industry "reborn".
Over the years, Changyuan industrial agglomeration area fruitful in terms of innovation, park and more than 30 province inside and outside the University, scientific research institutions cooperation, and employ all kinds of talents 5716 people, the subtropical high over professional and technical titles of 856 people, accumulative total to declare the patent 960, state authorized patent 460, transformation of the achievements, 259. At present, the agglomeration is a state-level high-tech enterprises, 12 provincial-level high-tech enterprises, has 78 enterprises made the ISO9000 quality management system certification, 14 of which made quality, environment and occupational safety certification.
At present, the park has a total of 58 enterprise technology centers (Engineering Center), a total of 308 patent applications. Weihua group "Weihua" brand, Henan mine "source" brand, the Central Plains from the "from" brand trademark was identified as well-known trademarks in China and a large number of won the national and provincial famous brand products, greatly enhance the visibility and competitiveness of enterprises.
Changyuan experience inspired us, the private economy to a higher level, the industrial agglomeration area is its structure optimization and upgrading of the platform, must be in the word to break the problem, in the "change" in the development of the word. From the "manufacturing" to "create" endeavour. So, to suddenly like night of spring breeze, the occasion to industrial growth, from big to strong, by the transition to a new high, promote industrial sustainable development.
                                                                                                                                                     Source: Zhengzhou daily